Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

I first made these Halloween Goodie Bags, many years ago for a TV programme, and they’ve stayed in my portfolio ever since as they are a really simple technique for decorating which could be used in lots of other projects.



Materials Needed

A4 Orange Paper or Card
Black paint
Fiskars paper edgers scissors – Ripple
Sticky Tape or glue stick
Regular scissors
Chunky paper back book
Long strip of paper

So how is it done … firstly, let’s make the pumpkin chain stencil – Start by folding your long strip of paper in a concertina fashion, then draw on your pumpkin face, ensuring that the sides of the pumpkin face touch the sides of the folded paper, in the same way that they do when you make paper chain people. Cut out the pumpkin face, I’ve used ripple scissors to create the wiggly effect, but you can use any scissors you like. Once the pumpkin is cut out, open up you pumpkin paper chain.

Lay the pumpkin paper chain onto your A4 card or paper, I’ve laid the chain out at an angle, but you can go straight across or up and down, it’s up to you. Take you sponge and begin to dab the black paint over the stencil. By using the short edge of the sponge I’ve created a jagged effect to make the pumpkins a bit more spooky. Once you’ve covered the whole of the stencil, take it off the paper. There should be plenty of paint on the stencil, so turn it over and use press it down onto your paper to print a line of black pumpkin heads. Then leave your paper to dry.

Once the printing is dry, take your paperback book and wrap the orange paper or card around it to make the body of the bag. Then either tape or glue the body closed along the short edge of the card. Next fold up one end of the paper as if you were wrapping a present – this will be the base of the bag. The slide your bag off of the book.

Nearly there, now just cut some holes on either side of the top of your bag to make handle.

Hey presto one pumpkin head trick or treat bag … whooooo ……

For more Halloween inspired ideas why not check out my board on Pinterest

Happy Halloween


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