Woolly Sheep

With Easter on the horizon, I’m seeing a lot of lovely craft items involving bunnies and chicks and Easter Eggs, so I thought I would post a craft involving lambs, well sheep.  I drive by a field on my way home in which the lambs have been making the most of the sunshine by leaping and bouncing around the field.  Having grown up on a small holding in Devon which kept sheep, this time of year always brings back happy memories of helping my parents with the lambing.  So onto my woolly sheep

What do you need to make a woolly sheep? - www.justpastone.wordpress.com

You will need

1 piece of box cardboard about 15 cm square
1 piece of A5 black card
a pencil
a pair of scissor
2 pegs
black paint and a paint brush
and Wool

Draw an oval shape on the piece of card

Draw a large oval onto your piece of cardboard, almost easter egg shaped – this one is approximately 15 x 10 cms

Paint the oval shape

Cut out your oval and paint it.  I’m giving my sheep a black face as the field I pass has Suffolk sheep in it, but you could make your sheep’s face any colour you like.

Attach the pegs to the sheep's body

Once the paint is dry clip the pegs onto one side of the oval, these will be the sheep’s legs.

Draw and cut out the sheep's ears and push them through the body

Draw the sheep’s ears on the piece of black card, I’ve left a rectangular tab at the bottom so that I can make a hole in the sheep’s body and push the ears through.

Peg the wool onto the sheep's body and start to wrap

Use the top of one of your pegs to secure the wool and start wrapping it around the sheep’s body.  Keep wrapping until you are happy with the woolliness of your sheep.  I’ve used some recycled 4ply wool (it used to be a cricket jumper), but a chunky knit wool would give a for a more fluffy effect.

One very woolly sheep ready to go into the fields

And there you go one wooly sheep ready to go out in the field.  If the wool slips of the end of the sheep, a dab pot glue onto the card will help it to stay in place.

Woolly Sheep in the field

A flock of woolly sheep grazing in the fields

If you decide to make a wooly sheep – please email me a picture and I can feature it in a gallery on this page.



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