Alternative Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter fast approaching the shelves in the supermarkets are heaving with chocolate eggs, big eggs, small eggs, eggs with cups, cars and even cushions (oh yes, it was a beautifully presented gold egg on a purple cushion). But I wanted to do an Easter Egg hunt that didn’t involve leaving chocolate eggs out in the garden, so I came up with this quick make to entertain the little ones.

You will need

What you need to make your Easter Egg
Fabric scraps
Ribbon or other decorative items
Needle and matching thread
Polyester fibre fill
A5 piece of card
Sewing machine (optional)

First cut one of your fabric scraps to a piece sized 21 x 15 cms, this is A5 or the size of a piece of A4 paper folded in half.  This is the base fabric for your egg.

A5 piece of fabric (21 x 15cm)

Cut more pieces of fabric in varying widths, but all 21cm in length.

Fabric strips any width, but all 21cm long

Take the first strip of fabric and stitch this onto the base fabric allowing a 0.5cm hem.

Stitch down the first strip of fabric

Then to create a neat edge, fold the fabric over and iron flat

Fold over the fabric and iron down to neaten

Continue to add fabric strips in the same way, until you are happy with your pattern. To keep the egg neat, stitch the final piece the opposite way around and fold it up towards the already stitched down strips.  Then cover the raw edge with a piece of ribbon.

Keep adding fabric until you are happy with the pattern

Once you are happy with your fabric fold it right sides together and draw on the eggs pattern, making sure you leave a straight edge at the bottom.

Fold fabric and draw out egg shape

Stitch along the drawn line leaving the straight edge open.  Trim away the excess fabric and then turn the egg the right way around.

Stitch egg and turn right side out.

Then stuff the egg with polyester fibre fill.  I’ve made a few of these eggs now, and I find that they don’t need a lot of stuffing.  A small amount to give it a little bulk works just as well as stuffing the egg to the max. Once you are happy with your level of stuffing, stitch the straight edge closed.

Stuff and stitch up the egg

And there you have your first egg, ready to hide.

The finished egg

Continue with the same process until you have enough eggs for your hunt.

Alternative Egg ideas

For alternative egg hunts you could colour code your eggs so each child has a particular colour to find,

Or you could put numbers on your eggs and the child with the highest score wins a prize.

Or your could make smaller eggs for older children and large eggs for little ones.

Whatever eggs you make, this lovely little craft will keep them busy year after year.



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