It’s been a while

To say that I’ve been busy over the past few months would be an understatement. I started and finished a new project and moved house. The latter being the more stressful of the two. Now we are in our the new place, it’s time to start doing more writing.


I have my own work space now, which, as you can see, is currently full of boxes and beyond those boxes are our kitchen appliances, but once they are unpacked and plumbed in I can start to work on my art projects again. I even get to look out onto the garden, which thankfully is less of a jungle thanks to MrM mowing it yesterday.

I love the photos you see of people’s homes on blog sites and Pinterest, the carefully placed treasured objects, the immaculately tidy rooms in neutral tones. Unfortunately my home doesn’t currently bare any resemblance to tidy or neutral, but I have put my books back on the shelves in colour order. Strange way to display books, you might say, I get that a lot, but for me it’s just somehow aesthetically pleasing and easier for me to find what I’m looking for.

Maybe there was time to place a few treasured objects after all.


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