Autumn Leaf Rose

Having moved house recently, I have a whole new outlook on Autumn.  Before my flat looked out onto a whole bunch of evergreens, which kept their colour year in year out, I never found it dull, there was always just lots of fresh green to see. Now, my front room looks out onto a small park area with a variety of deciduous trees.  Right in front of my house is a sycamore tree which is currently going from green to red to orange and yellow.  It’s a beautiful display and so I went to have a look at the leaves yesterday and collected lots of different colours and sizes .. why?  Well there’s been a picture of rose made from Autumn leaves popping up on my Pinterest feed for a couple of weeks now, so I thought I would have a go.  The picture doesn’t have a written tutorial to explain it, just a series of images credited to a Nicole Duke, who no-one seems to be able to trace.  So thank you Nicole Duke for the idea and here is my version of your autumn leaf rose.

You will need:

10 leaves – 3 small, 4 medium and 3 large

Tape to secure the final leaves – Florist tape is probably best, but being a prop maker and not a florist, I used gaffer tape

1:  Take one of the small leaves, and fold it in half horizontally with the smooth side on the outside.  Then fold it again vertically, just to one side of the stem.

02 Leaves

Then roll the folded edge towards the other side of the leaf.  This will create the centre of your rose

02a leaves

2:  Repeat the horizontal and vertical folds with another leaf, and then roll that leaf around your first bud. Repeat this again so that you have three leaves rolled together.

04 leaves

3.  Then take one of your medium sized leaves and fold over three of the points.

05 leaves

Pllace you rose centre on one side of the leaf and then roll the flat leaf around it, ensuring that the area by the stems is rolled the tightest.

06 leaves

Repeat this step with the remaining medium sized leaves

07 leaves

4:  Now take  your rose centre and place it in the middle of one of your largest leaves (smooth side up), and wrap the flat leaf around it.  Turn your rose centre over and place in the centre of your next large leaf, again wrapping the leaf around it, do this once more with your last large leaf and then tape down the final leaf.

10 leaves

5:  Finally secure your leaves with a little more tape around the base of the bud and down the stalks to keep the rose together.

12 leaves

And there you have it one beautiful autumn rose made from leaves .. now I’m off to make some more to see what a whole bouquet looks like.

13 leaves


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